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Calvida Goods

Welcome to Calvida Goods, celebrating the journey of California living. My name is Katie Denbo, and I'm so pleased to share my passion project that has been percolating for nearly a decade.


The Calvida Goods Story


CAL: California in all of its beauty, inspiration and possibility.

VIDA: Life as it’s meant to be experienced – with awe, whimsy and curiosity.


Calvida Goods was born when I was least expecting it. One of those fleeting, electric moments of clarity in which I was re-introduced to my “old” self – the version who was passionate about so many forms of art and creativity since youth, but felt it had to be sacrificed to meet the demands of an amazing yet all-consuming career that began to define my self-worth. It was a realization that who we are at our core – in my case full of music and optimism and appreciation for the little things – can co-exist and help guide us to where we want to be. I have been grasping for similar vivid moments of direction ever since, and have decided they only appear when we most need them. Or, more likely, when we are ready to receive them.


As a fourth-generation Humboldt County, California native, I am fortunate to have deep roots in one of the most beautiful and energizing regions of the country. And while my life and work have taken me all across the state – from bustling Los Angeles to the stunning Monterey Peninsula – my spirit will always be planted behind the Redwood Curtain.


For now, Calvida Goods is handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by all the beauty I have seen and experienced in the Golden State. In the future, it will evolve and grow alongside me. Until then, please wear these special pieces in good health, kindness and with an open heart, the same way they were made. I’m so happy to have you along for the journey.


With all my gratitude,


Katie Denbo 

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