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Five-strand beaded leather bracelets wrap five times around an average-size wrist. Each piece is comprised of gemstones, glass and/or metal beads. Two closure loops with a gold-, copper- or silver-tone metal button. Mindfully handcrafted in the California redwoods.


Colors: Vary; each piece is small-batch or one-of-a-kind. Select from the following palettes: Blacks, Browns, Warm, Cool or Mixed. Please note that bracelets pictured are for illustrative purposes only. 


No quantity limit; suggested retail price is $78. 

Five-Wrap Bracelets | Women (Wholesale)

  • Length: 34.5 inches from button to center of first closure loop; 35.5 inches from button to center of second closure loop. Bracelet will wrap five times around average-size wrist.

    Bead size: 4-6 mm

    Button size: 10mm x 15mm oval